Landlords and Tenants Solicitors - Housing and Planning Act


Rosewood Solicitors help Landlords and Tenants from rent arrears to disrepair. In case you did not know, The Housing and Planning Act 2016 became legislation in May 2016. One of the main purposes of the act is for local authorities to monitor rogue landlords and letting agencies. The Act comprises of four main sections:

  1. Client Money Protection
  2. Electrical safety requirements
  3. Rent payments
  4. Banning orders

In summary, all letting agents must have Client Money Protection (CMP) to protect both landlords and tenants. The regulations will require electrical safety check of wiring and portable appliance testing (PAT). In relation to rent payments, should a landlord be convicted under the Housing Act 2004 for not having a licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), then they may be ordered to pay the local authority or tenants rent for 12 months. Finally, banning orders allow the local authority to apply to the First-Tier Tribunal should letting agents and landlord need to be banned.

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