Taxi Licensing and Touting Solicitors

Taxi law and regulation that apply to taxi drivers can differ for each local authority.

Taxi licencing offences are usually enforced by the local licensing authority, however the police can take action in some cases.

  • Penalties for breaches of taxi law include fines, penalty points, driving disqualification, and the loss of the taxi licence.
  • We can assist you with a number of taxi offences such as:
  • Providing incorrect details when applying for a taxi licence
  • Failing to produce a valid licence • Driving without a valid taxi licence
  • Touting for hire (if a private hire vehicle is caught soliciting for business)
  • Overcharging passengers
  • Smoking while driving taxi
  • Refusal to carry a disabled passenger
  • Taxi drivers facing a totting up ban (if they accumulate 12 or more penalty points)

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