Domestic Violence & Injunctions

As domestic violence solicitors we are here to help and advise you in what can be a very difficult time for you.

Rosewood Solicitors domestic abuse solicitors, based in Woking and Basingstoke, will protect what matters most, offering support and protection for victims of domestic abuse.

As domestic violence solicitors we are here to help and advise you in what is understandably a stressful and difficult time for you. We work hard to settle domestic violence injunctions with confidence, and trust, with the help of our team.

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We work collaboratively to ensure a hassle-free experience and resolution. Contact us today for a free, initial consultation to assess your needs.

Domestic Abuse Solicitors and Domestic Violence Injunction Process 

As specialist family lawyers, we take the time to listen to your needs and help make the unknown clear. With years of experience and knowledge, you can confidently rely on us to guide you through daunting decisions with our full support.

The family courts can make orders called injunctions to stop abusive behaviour and protect you and your children. There are two different types of injunction orders:

  • 1. An occupation order:

This injunction requires the perpetrator to leave your home and keep away from it, allowing you to occupy your home without being threatened, harassed, or assaulted. When the court makes an occupation order it can include a power of arrest which enables the police to arrest the perpetrator if they break the terms of the order.

  • 2. A non-molestation order:

This form of injunction orders the perpetrator to stop actual physical assaults or other sorts of intimidating and upsetting behaviour. Any breach of a non-molestation order is a criminal offence, and they will be arrested.

These orders treated very seriously by the courts and should be treated the same by both the victim and the accused, if breached they can, and will, be enforced by police if necessary. If you are faced with an application to leave your home or you are subject to any other injunction proceedings, you are likely to require expert advice in advance of any hearing to see where you stand and what options you have, we can offer advice and support with these proceedings, offering you clarity and advice.

Here at Rosewood Solicitors, we take the time to understand your case, experience, and concerns, obtaining all the facts and details, allowing us to build a case around your personal circumstances. Liaising with the court and the other relevant parties on your behalf to guarantee an accurate and stress-free hearing.

Our team of domestic violence solicitors and lawyers appropriately advise our clients throughout proceedings we build a strong and consistent case, allowing you to feel supported and protected.

Rosewood Solicitors have years of experience, meaning we have the expertise to support you throughout your case. We are fully committed to providing the best advice and guidance throughout proceedings, helping our clients come to the happy resolution they deserve. If you do need assistance, then please contact us, and speak to one of our specialist lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Domestic Abuse Solicitors and Domestic Violence Injunction services

What is defined as domestic violence?

Domestic violence is when there is violent, abusive, or bullying behaviour or actions towards a partner or former partner in a bid to scare, threaten and control them.

Many individuals in this situation find it hard to come forward and seek protection and help, but there is support and legal action that can be taken to remove themselves away from the abusive relationship and remain safe.

 What's the term Gaslighting mean?

Gaslighting is a tactic in which an individual, typically the perpetrator in domestic abuse cases, makes the victim question their reality, this can be leave them questioning their own behaviour and often makes them believe that the abuse is their own fault.

This tactic is used when a perpetrator wants to control and manipulate those around them.

Is abuse other than sexual or physical a crime?

Yes. Domestic abuse isn’t just a physical crime. In order to protect those living in unhealthy and damaging relationships, verbal and psychological abuse is now widely recognised as part of domestic abuse and will be punished equally so.

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