Parental Child Abduction Solicitors

Having your child taken without your consent, even by another parent can be a terrifying and stressful experience. However, you must protect yourself and your child by taking appropriate legal action with the help of expert parental child abduction lawyers, and this is where Rosewood Solicitors can help.

Our child abduction solicitors deal with cases where children have been taken somewhere else in the UK or internationally without the consent of the other parent. The process of having the child returned can be particularly complex and extremely stressful, so having a level-headed professional on your side with a wealth of experience is important.

Our family law specialists work collaboratively, particularly in the cases of overseas child abduction, where international legal agreements and protocols need to be followed.

If this circumstance sounds familiar to you, get in touch as soon as possible for a free, initial consultation to assess your needs.

About our Parental Child Abduction Solicitors and Processes 

If your child has been taken without your consent or agreement, we can help represent you both in the UK and internationally.

At Rosewood Solicitors we understand that such cases can be incredibly traumatic, so our team is on your side to reach the best resolution for you and your child. This allows you to understand your rights, securely bring your family back together and guarantee their protection.

As well as local and overseas child abduction, we also handle similar cases. You can see more about our international family law solicitors here:

  • If you would like to move overseas with your child and the other parent disagrees.
  • If your former partner plans to move overseas with your child and you wish to object. 

Why Choose Rosewood Solicitors? 

Regardless of your situation, the safety and welfare of the children involved are paramount, and a primary concern for the Rosewood Solicitors team. We take the time to understand your personal experience and concerns, making sure your voice is heard and understood.

Once we have all the details to hand, our specialist child abduction lawyers can appropriately advise you throughout proceedings and support you during this worrying time.

Rosewood Solicitors have years of experience, handling a wide breadth of cases across multiple countries and within the UK. Our specialists aim to outline the practical and clear steps required to receive your desired outcome so you can be better prepared whatever the circumstances.

We attempt to resolve all family law matters out of court where possible (through mediation for example), but where our professionals must be well versed in the legal proceedings involved in parental child abduction.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Child Abduction Solicitor Services 

What is child abduction?

This is when a parent, or another family member, abducts a child and takes them away from the country they currently live in without the consent of the primary caregiver who has parental responsibility for them. It becomes a criminal offense if a child is held without primary parental consent for 28 days or more when there is a child arrangement order already in place.

This typically occurs after a separation or divorce when the other party hasn’t been granted the level of custody they were hoping for. Whilst it is an uncommon situation, this does unfortunately happen, which can lead to a lengthy and stressful court case.

What is the difference between kidnapping and abduction?   

Kidnapping and abduction are similar, but there are some small differences.

Abduction is the illegal holding of an adult or child without their consent or against their will through force or deception.

On the other hand, Kidnapping is the illegal holding of an individual through force or threatening behaviour and is typically followed with a ransom or used as a bargaining chip.

Both are considered criminal offences; however, charges and punishments are very different, which is why it’s key to establish which of the two has been committed to ensuring the correct resolution occurs.

How is it possible to abduct your own child in the UK?  

As per the Child Abduction Act 1984, you are breaking the law if a child is taken out of the United Kingdom by a person connected with the child without the appropriate consent.

You will need consent from the child’s main caregiver, so this will be the family member who has parental responsibility, or their guardian who has been given main custody of that child.

Your right to take your child abroad or away will depend on the access you are granted within the family court separation agreement. You will be breaking the law if permission is not granted and this will be considered a child abduction which you can, and will, be prosecuted for.

What else do we do?

As well as our experienced Child Abduction Solicitors, we can also help you with a full range of family-related legal matters, including:

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