Children Matters

Every parent wants the best for their children, but keeping focused on this can be difficult in the middle of a divorce or separation. It is always best if you can work together to make decisions about your children. As Surrey children lawyers, we can help you resolve any differences without dragging them into your disputes.

Most divorces or dissolutions of civil partnerships do not need a court order regarding the children. The courts recognise parents are best placed to make decisions about their families and will only get involved if one of you makes an application to the court.

Taking a constructive approach is the best way to ensure you can still co-operate with each other on what is best for your children. You will normally need to agree where your children will live (which can be with either or both parents), how much contact you will have if they are not living with you and how you will make decisions about schools, medical treatment or changing children’s names. This can be achieved by mediation.

All cases where children are involved require a high level of sensitivity and discretion and no matter what the complexity or background to the case, we will always seek to gain a clear understanding of the issues before seeking a child-focused, practical and workable solution.

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