Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors in Surrey

Rosewood Solicitors specialise in a variety of areas within divorce law. Our team of expert civil partnership dissolution solicitors based in Surry, are on hand to support you and your former partner amicably come to a fair settlement within your separation. 

As civil partnership dissolution and divorce solicitors we are here to help and advise you in what is understandably a stressful and difficult time for you. We work hard to settle your separation with confidence, and trust, before resulting to the courts.

We work collaboratively to ensure a hassle-free experience and resolution. Contact us today for a free, initial consultation to assess your needs.

 Our Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors Process 

The ending of a civil partnership can leave you feeling angry and confused. This is why we work collaboratively with you, and your partner to understand your own personal experience, aiming to settle your case before resulting to a lengthy court case, striving to secure the outcome you deserve.

As specialist divorce and civil partnership dissolution lawyers, we understand that not every case is the same, we take time to listen to your situation to help you come to the best resolution. With years of experience and knowledge, you can confidently rely on us to guide you throughout the process. If you are looking to end your civil partnership, we can support you.

Dissolving a civil partnership terminates the civil partnership between you and your partner. Our team of civil partnership dissolution solicitors and layers will assist you with all the required documents including the petition, conditional order and the final order. We will negotiate with the other party on your behalf to reach financial settlements and arrangements for any children you may have together.

We will give you practical advice and support you through every aspect of the process, addressing your concerns and bringing about an appropriate resolution. Rosewood Solicitors will explain the process clearly and therefore keep you informed about what is happening at each stage. Liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service on your behalf to guarantee an accurate and stress-free hearing.

If your dissolution is amicable, you may be able to benefit from our fixed fee option.

If you entered into a civil partnership abroad, you may require the assistance of an international family law lawyers rather than a conventional divorce solicitor.

Our team have years of experience and expertise to support you throughout your case. We are fully committed to providing the best advice and guidance throughout proceedings, helping our clients come to the happy resolution they deserve. If you do need assistance, then please contact us, and speak to one of our specialist lawyers today.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors and services

What are the grounds for dissolution of civil partnership?

You can apply for a dissolution order for several reasons, some cases include instances where you and your partner have been separated for at least 2 years, making the relationship void. However, this can be a complicated case to prove, which it is often advised that, if applicable, use unreasonable behaviour, or separate living as the reason to end your civil partnership.

Unreasonable behaviour can include: mental or physical abuse, financial irresponsibility, and adultery, amongst many others.

How long does a dissolution of a civil partnership take?

It can take around four to six months to end your civil partnership.

With little to no complications, the most likely duration is six months to ensure an accurate and secure case and settlement, which is why it’s key to make sure you seek the support from a team of reliable civil partnership dissolution solicitors.

Can a civil partnership be annulled?

In short, yes, you can seek an annulment for your civil partnership.

However, it can become a lengthy process to gather enough evidence to qualify for a civil partnership annulment, which proves that civil partnership is either void or voidable.

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