Professional Regulation & Discipline

Many professions, such as solicitors and barristers, are regulated by an official regulatory body such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Those bodies can investigate individuals and businesses for breaches of regulations or legislation.

We represent lawyers in proceedings before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) and regulatory hearings before the Bar Standard Board (BSB). We advise and defend lawyers and barristers who are being investigated, prosecuted or at risk of investigation.

We offer simple and constructive advice from the outset and will work alongside you through each step of your case, keeping your best interests at heart.

We will:

  • Liaise with investigating bodies and act as a professional barrier between you and the investigators
  • Provide advice and representation to initial response to notifications
  • Respond to findings of the any investigation carried
  • Correspond and negotiate with the appropriate regulatory body
  • Advise and prepare you for any line of questioning at hearings
  • Provide representation at interim and final hearings as required
  • Provide a strategy throughout your case.

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