“You must stay at home” The impact on Separated Parents


There has been much confusion by the government guidelines relating to COVID019 with constant variations between lockdowns and other rules. The minefield this creates for separated parents cannot be overstated.

During this difficult time many parents are having to ask very tricky questions. “Should my child still see their Mother or Father with whom they do not usually live?” It may be that a court order is in place in relation to arrangements for your children. It could be that there has never been a need for a court order but now there is no agreement between parents about your child’s arrangements.

Conclusive answers can be offered in some scenarios. Guidance makes it clear that children are allowed to move between parents’ houses for the purposes of contact. However, what if there is an outbreak in the school your children attend, should contact still continue? What should you do if the other parent is not in agreement with your approach? At Rosewood Solicitors, we can advise you in relation to these technical legal issues to ensure you are following the latest guidance and protecting your children.

We offer specialist legal advice in relation to child arrangements, including where there are disputes as to where a child is to reside, how often contact should take place, and other related issues such as choice of schools. It is not always necessary to resolve matters via the courts and we encourage amicable resolution. However, where the court’s assistance is required, we are able to offer support and advice to guide you through the process.

If you require any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 901414 or via our online chat. We are happy to offer an initial consultation at no cost to determine if we are able to support you.