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Managing Partner

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Emma Patel is the Managing Partner of Rosewood Solicitors. Emma has over 15 years’ experience as a specialist matrimonial solicitor.


When Emma established the firm, she felt that solicitors needed to modernise the way they work so that they can spend more time focusing on the needs of the client. She wanted to ensure that the clients feel comfortable with their solicitor without worrying that they will be spending thousands of pounds if they were to pop in for a chat or pick up the phone to speak to their solicitor.

Emma has a wealth of experience, dealing with a variety of different cases, for a wide range of clients. Emma is well versed in negotiating complex financial settlements as well as day-to-day financial disputes and deals with all divorce transactions, both large and small. She is also experienced in cases with complex cross-border disputes, pre-nuptial agreements, expatriate divorces as well as those that require an in-depth analysis of complex asset structures. She has a particular specialism in the drafting of living together and pre-nuptial agreements as well as separation agreements.

In addition to her mainstream family law practice, she has a keen interest in a niche specialism in Islamic Family law, including Islamic Divorce, providing solutions that are compatible with English law.

Most of Emma’s cases have settled without the need to go to a final hearing saving considerable legal fees for clients. This has been possible because Emma has been able to draw on her substantial experience to achieve the most sensible and cost-effective solution for her clients.

Emma is recognised for her personable and down-to-earth approach and her clients hold her in high regard. Her ability to immediately put clients at ease and grasp the issues which are important to the client, means that her clients have immense trust and confidence in her.

Emma Patel is a member of Resolution and advocates the use of conciliation where possible but equally, will take a robust stance on behalf of her client where necessary to ensure the best result is achieved for her client.