Sarah Meechan

Consultant Solicitor

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Sarah qualified as a solicitor in 2009. Since then Sarah has constantly been instructed in cases of seriousness and complexity always in demand for her meticulous preparation and results.

Sarah Meechan expertise


Sarah specialises in high profile crime and white-collar frauds and has regularly been instructed on a wide range of criminal cases defending in complex criminal cases prosecuted by a variety of organisations. These cases involve defendants from different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Her defence work includes a balance between privately and publicly funded cases. She has represented clients throughout the UK and in foreign jurisdictions involving extradition proceedings.

She has also been instructed in appellate court matters including the House of Lords.

Sarah has strong drafting skills and a number of prosecutions have been discontinued following her extensive requests for disclosure and challenges to the prosecution case.

Sarah has vast experience in defence litigation. She has been instructed in prosecutions by a multitude of agencies including:

  • The Serious Fraud Office
  • HM Customs & Excise, Drugs (multi-handed conspiracies involving intrusive surveillance and telephone evidence)
  • Election Frauds
  • Sexual offences
  • Homicide including gang murders and honour killings,
  • Terrorism
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency prosecutions including civil recovery actions
  • Environmental agency prosecutions
  • POCA Proceedings

Sarah is a member of the Law Society Criminal Accreditation panel. She is both court police station accredited and court duty accredited and deals with matters on the duty solicitor rotas.

Sarah has experience in military law and medical regulatory practice.

Sarah is also part of the child care contact and family litigation team at Rosewood and has cases ongoing at the Central Family Court.