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Shelley qualified as a Criminal Defence Solicitor in 2011 and joined the firm in April 2022. She is a Higher Court Advocate and Litigator who previously headed up Criminal Departments for several large Defence firms in London and the Home Counties.   

Shelley Dell expertise


Shelley specialises in Serious Criminal Offences such as Murder/Assaults, Sexual Offences, Child Neglect and Frauds. She takes a particular interest in cases involving vulnerable clients; be it through mental illness, age, physical impairment or special educational needs. Shelley is often instructed by parents whose children have been accused of offences.

Shelley is sought after to represent both private and legally aided clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts. Shelley achieved Higher Rights of Audience in 2015 and also appears as a Crown Court Advocate. She has successfully defended many clients accused of sexual offences, high value/large scale frauds, conspiracies, drugs offences, GBH/ABH and firearms. Shelley leaves no stone unturned and has an excellent success rate.

Shelley regularly litigates on challenging and technically complex matters. She has a robust but sensitive approach which is welcomed by many clients. Some of Shelley’s notable cases include the following:

• R v T [2017] (Multiple allegations of historic sexual offences which attracted national media coverage – UK legal precedent set.)

• R v C [2016] (Multiple allegations of historic sexual offences against former Olympic Coach. Case covered by the national media.)

• R v C [2019] (Further multiple allegations of historic sexual offences against the above former Olympic Coach. Acquitted of all.)

• R v W-C [2022] (Vulnerable young client accused of s.18 GBH)

• R v M [2022] (ATM explosions)

• R v J [2021] (Allegation of Arson targeted against prison officer)

• R v A [2021] (Vulnerable young client with Autism accused of multiple sexual offences)

• R v M [2021] (Being Concerned in the Supply of Class A Drugs – County Lines case)

• R v C-B [2021] (Youth accused of pre-meditated Armed Robbery)

• R v D [2020] (Attempted Murder – gang stabbing)

• R v M [2020] (Causing or allowing the suffering of a child – historic child abuse allegations)

• R v A (Marital Rape allegation.)

• R v J (Stranger Rape of a Child – national media coverage.)

• R v S (Notorious Hampstead Heath Prowler – sexual assault.)

• R v H [2018] (Allegations of causing or allowing cruelty to a child)

• R v M (Administering Noxious Substance to an Infant in Great Ormond Street Hospital.)

• R v S (Abuse of Elderly Patients in Hospital.)

• R v R [2018] (Multiple allegations of armed robbery alongside 7 other co-defendants.)

• R v H [2017] (Conspiracy to Burgle multiple properties including one belonging to footballer John Terry.)

• R v V (‘Crash for cash’ Fraud attracting national media coverage)

• R v S (Fraud – obtaining monies from women via online dating sites)